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Mornar go through to the next phase

Mornar go through to the next phase
Mornar are through to the next phase.
03-03-2010 | 21:07 |
Mornar Bar secured the fourth spot in Group B of the EUROHOLD Balkan League, after winning tonight at home against Spartak Pleven by 12 points - 83:71. Tonight`s game was a direct one for the last place giving right to participate in the quarterfinals of the BIBL, and Mornar deservedly won.   Mornar started the first quarter strong, with a 6:0 run in the first 2 minutes. Spartak Pleven quickly decreased their losing to one point - 10:9 with 6 minutes let in the first quarter. Mornar continued to have a slight lead, but with 3.41 left Ilia Stankov tied the game at 14:14 with a three-pointer. Vasilije Seferovic played good in the last minutes of the first period, as after the first 10 Mornar were up by 4 points - 22:18.   The second period started good for Mornar again as they quickly got their lead up to 6 points - 26:20. Vasilije Seferovic made a free-throw with 6.03 remaining to make the lead 11 points - 33:22. 1.17 before halftime the biggest lead was a fact - 41:29. After 20 minutes of play, the home team were up 41:30.   After 30 minutes of play, the difference remained the same - 64:53, as Spartak weren`t able to do anything to decrease their losing in the third period.   A couple of times in the last 10 minutes, Mornar`s lead was up to 15 points - the biggest they would eventually have all game long. Mihajlo Sekulovic settled the final score at 12 points more for Mornar - 83:71 after making a lay-up 26 seconds before the end of the game.   Soumalia Samake scored 19 points in his debut for Mornar Bar. The Malian player also added 7 rebounds. Vladimir Mihailovic finished with 17 points, while Vasilije Seferovic added 14. Milos Djurisic was the fourth player to finish in double digits, scoring 12.   For Spartak Pleven, Joe Kennerly had 21 points and grabbed 7 rebounds.Three players finished with 13 points each - Iliya Stankov, Alexander Dyakovski and Todor Todorov.   Mornar occupy the fourth spot in the final standings in Group B, with a balance of 4-6. That means that in their debut participation in the EUROHOLD Balkan League, they passed through the group phase and will play against the other Montenegrin team in the 1/4 finals - Lovcen, who finished first in Group A with a balance of 5-3.

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