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Quotes after the game BC Kavala - KK Teodo

Quotes after the game BC Kavala - KK Teodo
20-12-2012 | 11:18 |
BC Kavala won dramatically at home against KK Teodo 89-85 in a thrilling game from group B of EUROHOLD Balkan League. The match was very very interesting as the hosts made a comeback from 26-point deficit and here are some quotes after the end:

Giorgos Bitzanis, assistant coach of BC Kavala: "We knew from the beginning that this game will be very tough for us. In the first half we didn′t put pressure on the ball and we didn′t play good defense. In the second half we played better defense, we pressured them better. This win gives us the opportunity to go to the second round. We have one more game and we hope to be in Top 6 of EUROHOLD Balkan League."

William Coleman, player of BC Kavala: "First I would like to say that EUROHOLD Balkan League is a very competitive league. This game was very tough. We went down by 26 points but we stayed together as a team and won. It was too close but it was a good win. This match goes to show to everybody that EUROHOLD Balkan League is very competitive and you should not take any game for granted."

Slobodan Savovic, head coach of KK Teodo: "It was very difficult game for us. We had a long trip to come here but as you saw we prepared really good for this game. We have a lot of respect for Kavala. They have a lot of experienced guys, good American players and the leader was definitely Gagaloudis. I think the tireness from the long trip was the main reason for such a big fall in the second half. It′s a great success for us that we move in to the Top 6 and we′ll have a lot of time to prepare for the next round."

Savo Djikanovic, player of KK Teodo: "We came here to try and win the game but we didn′t succeed despite having 26 points advantage in the first half. They were better focused in the second half, they beat us and I wish them the best in the following games."

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