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Rosen Barchovski, head coach of Rilski Sportist: I can′t remember having such a game as a coach

Rosen Barchovski, head coach of Rilski Sportist: I can′t remember having such a game as a coach
14-03-2013 | 15:47 |
Rilski Sportist defeated Kumanovo 117-114 in a real thriller yesterday evening. The winner had to be decided in two overtimes as both teams fought hard and at the end the team from Samokov had the better. With this victory Rilski made a very important step towards the Final 4 and this is what the head coach of the team Rosen Barchovski had to say after the match:

"We went there with a little bit of pressure because it′s very difficult to play in Kumanovo. This season they lost only once at home in the local championship and now this is their first defeat in EUROHOLD Balkan League. The atmosphere is really great and everyone who watched the game convinced himself.

We tried to play calm and it helped us. We were mostly behind most of all due to the fact they play different at home that as a visitors. They score a lot, they score in difficult ways and it was hard for us. We played together, played as a team and we played very brave. We had some surprises in defense which confused them in the first half. I don′t call our win a lucky one because this season we had a lot of games like this in which we made comebacks and won at the end.

I think that on neutral court our team is better. In Kumanovo the things are not like that and I′m very happy for the win. I don′t remember having such a game as a coach. It was a beautiful one to watch. Of course if you are not on the place of the coaches but for the spectators it was incredible and it′s not an accident to be named as the best match in EUROHOLD Balkan League history.

We are not yet qualified for the Final 4 because there are some options to go out. We will be getting ready for our next match and we will play to win in order to be sure of qualification.

We still haven′t talked with the management whether or not we want to host the Final 4. Let′s first qualify because this season the competitions is very difficult and very stroing especially in the Top 6. Let′s first qualify for the Final 4 and then we′ll think about hosting the event."

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