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The situation in BIBL with seven games left in the regular season

The situation in BIBL with seven games left in the regular season
15-02-2018 | 12:34 |

There are seven more games to be played in the Regular season in SIGAL-UNIQA Balkan League. Now, there is a three week break due to the National teams window and after that the fight will continue.


Given the results so far there are some knowns and of course some unknows before the final games. What is clear is that two teams are already certain of their place in the Final Four - KK Blokotehna-NB and BC Rilski Sportist. They are set to meet in the final game of the Regular season and it will decide which team will finish first. Rilski also has a game against Akademik Bultex 99 before that but the one in Gevgelija will decide the top spot before the Final 4.


The other thing that is certain is that on March 13th SK Tirana and KK Ibar will decide the last team to reach the playoffs. Those two squads are in the bottom of the table and the direct battle between them will decide which will finish 6th. Ibar has a visit in Sofia against Levski Lukoil a week before but it won′t influence on the standings regardless of the result.


The real battle is for the third position and it involves three teams - KB Bashkimi, BC Akademik Bultex 99 and BC Levski Lukoil


Bashkimi has two more games to play and both are in Bulgaria - against the opponents for the third place. If Bashkimi wins just one of those matches it will guarantee a top 4 finish before the playoffs. If it wins just against Levski than it′s likely that the Prizren team will be third in the table and will avoid the two Bulgarian sides in the playoffs. However if the team is to lose both clashes it will finish 4th or 5th.


Levski and Akademik all have three games left. The Blues will be playing at home so they′ll be looking for 3 out of 3 to finish third. Akademik′s task is to defeat Bashkimi and even if the team is to lost the other two games, it′ll mean they′ll play the Kosovo side in the playoffs. However if Akademik defeats Bashkimi and then Levski away then the team will finish third and play Tirana or Ibar in the playoffs. 


There are a lot of options for the final standings between 3rd and 5th positions. The games that will be played on March 6th will give more indications as to what will happen so now our eyes are set on that date.

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18 Dec 2018
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