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Beroe wins in Plovdiv to make it three in a row

Beroe wins in Plovdiv to make it three in a row
13-11-2018 | 20:14 |

BC Beroe recorded its third straight win in the Balkan League. The Stara Zagora team visited BC Academic Bultex 99 in the Bulgarian derby of the competition and took 95-86 victory after a better second half. With it The Greens are now tied for first place with KS Teuta while this was Academic′s second defeat in three games. Next week both teams will play in Sofia against BC Barsy Atyrau on Tuesday and Wednesday.


In the first half the teams exchanged one quarter and the difference was just 2 points. After an even start Beroe managed to finish the first quarter on a 13-3 run and went up by 12 points. Academic responded in the second quarter and managed to cut the gap with an 11-0 run and after that the teams stayed close.


An 11-2 start to the second half put Beroe up by 11 points. From that moment on the visitors controlled the game and for most of the time their lead was in double digits. With three minutes to go in the game they extended the advantage to 17 points and felt like the game was over. The hosts managed to fight back for a final time and cut the deficit to just 4 with a 13-0 run. Then however Filer scored a triple with 23 seconds to play and decided the outcome.


Conner Frankamp again was the top scorer for Beroe with 29 points including 6 triples. Adonis Filer did well with 19 and 9 rebounds as Dallin Bachynski had 13 and 7.


Academic was led by Daishon Knight with his 23 points. Vasil Bachev added 17 points as Adriayn Sekulov had 16, 6 rebounds and 5 assists.


Photo-gallery from the game BC Beroe - KS Teuta

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20 Dec 2018
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