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Academic Bultex 99 could be without 3 players against Blokotehna

Academic Bultex 99 could be without 3 players against Blokotehna
03-12-2018 | 16:23 |

BC Academic Bultex 99 requested yesterday - 02.12.2018 - Sunday at 22:31h by email from the BIBL to register two of their Junior players: Dilyan Barbov and Hristo Kirov to the official roster for the game against KK Blokotehna due to the fact that 3 (three) of their foreign players have not received working permits yet and they are unable to leave the territory of Bulgaria until such is granted by the Labour Authorities. The 3 (three) foreign players are as follows: Daishon Knight (USA), Mladen Vitkovic (SRB) and Nikola Vujovic (SRB).


In order not to have games cancelled by forfeit and to protect the image and reliability of the League, and to avoid any further speculations against the final result of the game, the competition, the clubs and respective Federations themselves, the Sports Director Mr. Shay Shtriks allowed the registration of the juniors although the request came in the last moment.


The management of BC Academic Bultex 99 has assured the BIBL they have been doing everything they could to arrange the working permits and have their players travel and take part tomorrow.


Thus, they have been given a deadline until tomorrow 12:00h noon time to officially inform the League if the players have been given the permits and have travelled to Macedonia or not. After the deadline, the League will make immediate announcement here about their status and if they will be able to participate or not. In any case the game will be played.


Afterwards, the League will proceed according to the 2018-2019 regulations. 

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20 Dec 2018
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