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BC Barsy Atyrau: A club to be respected

BC Barsy Atyrau: A club to be respected
28-02-2019 | 10:14 |

The current season is the first one in which the Balkan League has a participating team from Kazakhstan. BC Barsy Atyrau joined the competition and has already played 9 games. Next week the team will once again travel to the Balkans in order to play its last three matches and finish the Regular season. The Sports Director of BIBL - Mr. Shay Shtriks, issued a special statement regarding the Kazakh′s team participation in the league wanting to underline the importance of that decision and to praise the club′s willingness to take the risk and explore new territory. Here is what Mr. Shtriks had to say:


"During September 2018 I received a call from an unknown number starting with +7, followed by another one with country code +381. On the other side of the line was a person introducing himself as coach Aleksandar Vrzina from BC Barsy from the city Atyrau in Kazakhstan, asking me if the club could participate in BIBL season 2018-19. I was positively surprised, and my instinct and first answer was “Yes, why not” but then my first question was “but how can it be done?”.


I explained in several minutes why in my opinion it is great idea but practically it is not so easy, as the main issue was the financial part.


The answer from the other side was “Yes, it is not easy but as a club that likes to develop and grow up like a basketball team, we MUST participate in International competition and BIBL is the best for us, let me present everything to my directors”  


Several e-mails, several calls later and then to my big surprise we received a positive answer and a big yes to the idea of BC Barsy Atyrau being part of BIBL season 2018-19 came.


This is the place to say big thank you and to give big respect to the two club directors,



Those are the people who took the decision to follow coach Vrzina′s vision and move his idea to become a fact.


Why the big respect? They knew from day one that they may not win even one game. They knew from day one that they will not be BIBL champions in season 2018-19. They knew from day one that it will cost them thousands of euros for travel expenses (flights and travelling inside the Balkan region), hotels, everything that a team needs to play in international league. They knew that all the home games will not be played in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, BUT in the name of the sport basketball and with the idea to push the team and the players to be better and with more experience, they took the decision to be a part of BIBL.


I have respect for all the teams that are playing in BIBL from day one, especially in the last few years when the economic situation around the Balkans is not the best one and every team is fighting for every Euro in the budget. I have respect for all the players and coaches who are traveling all the season hundreds of KMs from city to city even in the very cold days and nights of our winter. I have big respect for the referees that are officiating in our league, doing the best to provide to all the clubs in every game the best possible officiating, but I have the biggest respect for the coaches, players and club management of BC Barsy Atyrau for the great effort that all of them did, each one from his position.


Young players that never traveled to our region, never played against teams from the Balkan region, players that came to play in a new world, different basketball, different officiating, different venues. I saw them landing for the first trip, for the first 3 games, all of them were tired from a long trip and after several games, but all of them were happy with sparkling eyes. They entered to the gym for the first game in BIBL as it was the first ever game that they played, with power, with energy, with love!!!


The coaches and the two directors that came with them were proud after the first 3 games. I was proud, BIBL members were proud, no win in any of the first 3 games, but it was big love and energy for basketball with one idea, how to be better in the upcoming games.


They did it with style, every trip provided better games, quality basketball with the same positive and good energy and big love for basketball. In each trip in each game they received from the other clubs the biggest respect as they deserve it and they were more than welcome in any basketball court in our league.


On 04.03.2019 the team will have its 4th trip started, the last one with 3 more games. Whatever will be the results of those 3 games for me the big winner of BIBL season 2018-19 is BC Barsy Atyrau, the players, the coaches and the club management.


This club showed all of us why we made the Balkan League, why we created this project 11 seasons ago. They showed all of us what is the love for basketball and that the final result of the game is not the most important fact, but the way how the club develops is the important fact, they way how the players, coaches develop this is the important thing of being part of BIBL and for this one I can just say big THANK YOU to BC Barsy Atyrau. I hope and wish to see them again in season 2019-20 as well. I hope that they will open the door to other clubs from different regions to join us.


Safe trip and good luck in the last 3 games of BIBL season 2018-19.


May the best team win!" 

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