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The teams at the Final 4: BC Beroe

The teams at the Final 4: BC Beroe
01-04-2019 | 15:12 |

After a year of absence Beroe returned to the Balkan League and immediately showed that it will be the team to beat in the competition. The Greens won the trophy in 2017 and came back with the ambition to take another one to Stara Zagora. During the Regular season Beroe had 9 wins in a row and finish first with 11-1 record. There′s no doubt that this fact is making the team a favorite to win it all but it′s fair to say that the results so far won′t mean nothing come the games in Tirana.


In the semifinal Beroe will have to play against KS Teuta - the only team that beat The Greens this season. The Albanians fought hard on home soil to get that victory so there′s no reason they won′t do the same again on Saturday. Of course thanks mainly to the deeper rotation Beroe is entering the contest with more chances but these kind of games can usually go either way.


Beroe can certainly count on a lot of good players which was an advantage for the team in most of the games. However if we have to say one name it definitely would be that of Conner Frankamp. The American had a great season and with averages of 22.4 points, 3.5 assists and 2.9 rebounds was one of the best players in the competition. The American was very very important to his team and showed his class in numerous games. Whether he was hitting threes or dishing out assists, Frankamp was always a problem for the opposition′s defense. His best outing was without doubt in the win against Kozuv on March 7th when he finished with 38 ponits, 6 rebounds and 4 assists for an index rating of 45. The American had 8 triples in this match which was the best shooting performance this season.


The backcourt of Beroe doesn′t rely just on Frankamp. Tre Coggins proved to be a very nice addition and also showed he can score, shoot and p?ss the ball. There is also another proven scorer like Tihomir Zhelev who can catch fire at any time while Paul Miller showed improvements in each one of his three games. On the perimeter there is also Nikolay Stoyanov. His never ending energy is always a motivation for the others and there is not a second on the court in which he is not playing at a 100% and with his big hustle. The forward can also hit from distance and is a player who is important for the overall performance of Beroe.


Dallin Bachynski was a player who started the season really well and was key in some wins. However his injury forced him to leave and he was replaced by experienced Terrence Jennings who in three games showed that will be a valuable asset. By having also James White and Bulgarian internationals Aleksandar Yanev and Stanislav Vaklinov, Beroe′s depth under the basket is really notable. That usually gives the team an advantage as all of them can contribute at any moment. While White is a force under the basket, Yanev can also step up and hit some threes which helps the roster by having a lot of options. 


The young guards Nikolay Titkov, Evgeni Vasilev and Ivaylo Tonev have also received some chance during the season and at times showed good things. However it′s clear that at the Final Four they′ll be used just in a case of emergency. The 2003 born Mihail Kombakov also got his first share of international basketball and didn′t disappoint in 15 total minutes in three games on the court.


The head coach Lubomir Minchev is now working a lot of years in Stara Zagora and knows what it is to win the Balkan League. However he has not been to a Final 4 in the competition yet so this will be something new for him. He can prepare his team very well and likes it to play an aggressive basketball both on offense and defense. By adding Toni Dechev to his coaching staff and with Boyko Milenkov doing better each season, Beroe can count to be well prepared for every scenario.


The Greens from Stara Zagora started the season as favorites to win the league and so far have lived up to that tag. The same is valid for SIGAL UNIQA Balkan League Final Four as well so now it′s up to the team to answer the expectations. The ambition of the coaches and he management staff is well known so if Beroe fails to return with the trophy, then it′s clear that this would be a disappointment for all of them. 

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