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Shay Shtriks: Final 4 will be a basketball spectacle

Shay Shtriks: Final 4 will be a basketball spectacle
04-04-2019 | 11:02 |

We are some hours away from the start of SIGAL UNIQA Balkan League Final Four. As per tradition, the Sports Director of BIBL Mr. Shay Shtriks evaluated the season so far and expressed his thoughts before the decisive games of the competition. Below you can find out what he had to say:


SIGAL UNIQA Balkan League Final Four is taking place in Tirana, Albania, in the new Olympic Park of Tirana "Feti Borova" Sports Hall on Saturday 06.04.2019 and Sunday 07.04.2019.


The 11th final event is the BIBL peak celebration of season 2018/2019. This is a moment when the best 4 teams will present the best basketball and will finish the 11th season of BIBL in the most attractive and professional way.


As the 11th consecutive season of our league will end on Sunday 07.04.2019, hopefully after one exciting and interesting F4, now it is the time that I would like to say big thank you to the staff of BIBL as they did the job, running the league from August 2018 until today, in the most professional way, with big love to our project and without getting what they deserved on time. During season 11 we faced a lot of obstacles and problems, and the result of those problems was that it was very difficult to find sponsors for the league. In the end of the day we managed to establish a competitive and good basketball competition, good cooperation with the clubs and the federations and I am very happy to say that the system of season 2018/2019 as a league proved itself as well. We had a lot of interesting games and we saw that almost any team can and may win against the other. The four teams that qualified to the Final Four are the best teams that participated this season.


BC Barsy from Kazakhstan joined the league and I am sure that for BC Barsy′s management and players it was a very interesting and challenging season, as well as for the other teams from the Balkan region to play against the team from Kazakhstan. I do hope that in the next season they will continue to be a part of BIBL and we may have other clubs from other regions join the league.


I would like to send one big thank to Mr. Avni Ponari who again supported the league and he was the one that agreed and accepted happily the idea of making F4 in Albania. Mr. Ponari has showed his big love to the basketball in Albania and in the Balkan region throughout the years. SIGAL UNIQA Balkan League Final Four is in Tirana because of his support and his big love to the game! Thank you again, Mr. Ponari


I would like to say very big thank you to the Albanian Basketball Federation and all the people involved in the organization of this historical F4 event. Without their support we could not arrange the F4 in this professional way and to have this high level event.   


Big thanks to Albanian National TV and its sports department for supporting the Balkan League and the Albanian teams that are part of BIBL especially for this Final Four. We are also thankful to Bulgarian National TV and its sports department for supporting the Balkan League all these years. All the games of season 2018-19 were broadcast live on our Internet TV Sport Media and YouTube and I would like also to send big thank you to all the people from Sport Media for working together with us.


We are now facing a historical 11-year-event -  SIGAL UNIQA Balkan League B Final Four 2019 in Tirana. The first one to take place in Albania and I do hope it is not the last one. KS Teuta from Durres, BC Akademik Bultex 99 from Plovdiv, BC Beroe from Stara Zagora and KK Blokotehna-NB from Gevgelija will compete for the title of BIBL Champion 2018-19. I am sure that we will have a high level basketball spectacle, strong and quality games which will be supported with very good, correct and fair officiating.


Now comes the time to enjoy the 4 great final four games between 4 very good basketball teams and as we keep saying already 10 seasons - MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN

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