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Expectations Disappointment Disrespect

Expectations  Disappointment  Disrespect
09-04-2019 | 15:49 |

After the Balkan League season finished, here are the words of the Sports Director - Mr. Shay Shtriks, following the Final Four, which took place in Tirana over the weekend: 


The expectations of each basketball player, coach, manager, president are to reach to the top. 


The expectations of each basketball organization are to have the best possible League and games.


The expectations of the basketball fans are to watch quality and fair basketball competitions.


Disappointment is when you cannot reach and touch the target you set to yourself.


Disappointment is when whatever you build and organize, it cannot work.


Disappointment is when the basketball that you went to watch was bad and poor.


Disrespect is when you as a player, coach, manager, president cannot accept the reality and demonstrate it.


Disrespect is when the organization cannot respect your effort during the time of the



Disrespect is when the fans cannot respect the effort of players and coaches whatever the result is during all the competition.  


SIGAL UNIQA Balkan League Final Four season 2018-19 has just finished and first of all we must congratulate KK Blokotehna-NB’s team, Players, Coaches and management. KK Blokotehna-NB was the team that showed all the season the best organization, the best basketball. The club provided the best conditions to all other opponents and kept high level standard all the season. The team came to Tirana missing 3 of the first 5 players but each player gave 200% from himself to the team. During the F4 games KK Blokotehna-NB showed the DNA of a Champion and they are the well-deserved BIBL 2018-19 Champion.


All the teams had high expectations for the F4. All the teams deserved to be in the F4. We as organization had big expectations to have good organization, good games and fair F4. We provided, with the support of the Albanian Basketball FederationNOT KS Teuta - the best possible conditions that the teams can receive in order to concentrate only on basketball. The fans′ expectations in the F4 were to see good basketball and that the teams that they loved will play in the final game and be the champion of BIBL.


Disappointment was the part when 3 teams, that could not be the champion of BIBL season 2018-19, came to the F4 with the idea and the target to play in the final game and to win the championship. However, in the sport and in basketball ONLY one team can be champion.


Disappointment was the part where the organization and the management of BIBL, especially myself, understood that even after 11 seasons team management, players and coaches cannot accept the fact that they lost the games because in the important moment they were not ready to reach the top and found the way to put the blame on others but did not want to see the facts, the truth, the statistics and the replay of the games before they had decided that the referees, the organization and me personally, are the ones that made them lose the games.


Disappointment was to read, to listen and understand that coaches, players, presidents, parents of players are attacking me, the league, the referees for something that was clearly in the hands of the players and the coaches, but obviously it is easier to attack the others.

Disappointment was to understand that whatever you will do, always someone who could not take what he thought that he should have but he was not good in the exact moment to take it, will put the blame on others and will not stand and respect the final result, the good job the others did so he can be in a good place but will try ONLY to see the bad and to use excuses and other non-realistic reasons for his failure.


Disrespect is not to respect your opponents, players and coaches that fought all the season to achieve good results. Not to respect the league that provided you place to play and to develop. Not to respect the referees that did the best all the season to provide fair and correct officiating, even with mistakes, as for your information referees are human beings but not computers, and the same players make wrong decision resulting in missing baskets or losing games and the coaches take wrong decisions with plays or substitutions, referees can also make mistakes. Not to respect the fact that we are dealing ONLY with sports and basketball.   


I am proud with what we did 11 seasons. I am thankful to the people that support the league, to our staff, to the teams, to the federations that cooperate with us and even that some people are disappointed and there were disrespectful actions against me and BIBL, it will not stop me from preparing a better and even more professional season 2019-20 but for sure without Final Four games.


I wish to all the teams, players and coaches, all the best in the last part of the local championships and as we say in BIBL 11 seasons: May the best team win!!!!!!     

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