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BIBL returns to BASKETBALL in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

BIBL returns to BASKETBALL in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic
01-06-2020 | 12:19 |


As every June during the last 12 years we are sending you the information regarding the upcoming season 2020-21 hopefully to be possible to start in October 2020 after the COVID – 19 situations will be cleared and the basketball will be back again.

The league will restart again following the “Restart Guidelines” of FIBA published on 26.05.2020




We will follow the instructions and the official regulations of each country, federation and will act accordingly with full cooperation of the national federations and the clubs. 

Before starting season BIBL 20120-21 in September 2020 the F4 event will take place which will be the finishing of season 2019-20. The event is plant to be held in Peja with KB Peja hosting it.

The 4 teams that will participate in the F4 are:


1. Akademik Bultex 99- Bulgaria.


2. KB Peja – Kosovo.


3. KK Ibar - Montenegro.


4. KB Vllaznia - Albania.                                                                                                                           

In this case we will finish season 2019-20 in the most respectable way giving equal possibility to the 4 clubs to win the BIBL season 2019-20 championship.

We hope that in season 2020 -21 we will have 2 teams from each country – Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and any other Balkan country. With the confirmation of the federations we will do our best to keep in season 2012-21 several teams that played in season 2019-20.

Several potential sponsors and partners made contact with the league management for the coming season. The main target of the league management is to find the way to support the clubs financially as being part of BIBL especially after the difficult times that clubs had during the COVID 19 pandemic.

As it has been done for the past 12 seasons we will continue to provide to the Balkan region quality and interesting basketball competition with full cooperation with –FIBA – Federations and the Clubs. 


Season 2019-2020 will not be resumed!

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Ramadan Mubarak!

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Happy Easter!

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The BIBL Final Four is moved to September

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The BIBL season to finish with a Final Four

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Great second half gives Vllaznia another win

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The program for the Third Stage is set

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Rahoveci wins in Rozaje to move up to third

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No Games Scheduled

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