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Beroe is back on the winning way after downing Kozuv

Beroe is back on the winning way after downing Kozuv
07-03-2019 | 21:44 |

BC Beroe had a great answer after its first defeat of the season two days ago. The Greens visited KK Kozuv and won 94-85 thanks to a very good performance in the final quarter. The Stara Zagora team managed to build a big lead in the first half but immediately after it the hosts came out strong and erased the deficit. However with a better performance in the last ten minutes the visitors pulled away and won the game.


Now the team from Stara Zagora has 10-1 record and has one game against Blokotehna which most probably will be for the first place for the standings. Kozuv on the other side is with 3-8 record and in the last day of the Regular season will host Academic Bultex 99 on March 20.


After both teams started the game very equally at the end of the first quarter Beroe made a 10-0 run to go up by 8. In the second the visitors continued to have the lead but Kozuv was close. In the final two minutes of the first half however Beroe made an 8-2 run which put the team up by 16 points and in a great position to win the match.


The hosts however didn′t think the same way and thanks to a great end to the third quarter came back in to the game. In the first seven minutes of it Beroe managed to keep its good advantage but Kozuv caught fire in the final three, made a 15-0 run and tied the score before the last ten minutes. The home side made the run 21 straight points after scoring the first 6 of the last period but Beroe responded with a 14-1 run to restore its advantage and the visitors held on in the final five minutes.


Conner Frankamp had a great game for the winners hitting 8 triples on his way to 38 points. Trenton Coggins came back with 16 points and 6 assists as James White added 10 points. In total Beroe made 5 more three-pointers than the home side which proved to be decisive.


The hosts were led by Devaugntah Williams who finished with 24 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists. Nikola Karakolev also did well by adding 20 points as Igor Kesar had 18.


Photo-gallery from the game KS Teuta - BC Beroe

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