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Watch again all the Final Four games (video)

Watch again all the Final Four games (video)
19-04-2018 | 01:24 |

SIGAL-UNIQA Balkan League′s Final Four finished just a few days ago and the competition was won by BC Levski Lukoil. The spectators in Samokov and in front of the TV saw four really interesting and intensed battles that were the peak of the season. Now we are giving you the chance to watch again all four games and re-live the emotions.


HERE you can watch the first semifinal between KK Blokotehna and BC Levski Lukoil


HERE you can watch the second semifinal between BC Rilski Sportist and KB Bashkimi


HERE you can watch the 3/4 place game between BC Rilski Sportist and KK Blokotehna


HERE you can watch the BIG FINAL between KB Bashkimi and BC Levski Lukoil

The best of Day 1 of the Final Four (video)

Lubomir Neshev 18-04-2018 | 00:18

Domestic leagues: Easy for Bashkimi

Lubomir Neshev 18-04-2018 | 00:12

Domestic leagues: Blokotehna crushed Kumanovo

Lubomir Neshev 18-04-2018 | 00:12

Lubomir Kotleba satisfied with BIBL Final Four

Lubomir Neshev 16-04-2018 | 00:58

Todor Stoykov: I′m happy with both of our wins

Lubomir Neshev 16-04-2018 | 00:29

Konstantin Papazov: We had no choice but to win

Lubomir Neshev 15-04-2018 | 23:56

And the winner is Levski Lukoil!

Lubomir Neshev 15-04-2018 | 19:43

The history of BIBL Finals in 16 minutes

Lubomir Neshev 15-04-2018 | 13:31

Dwayne Benjamin is the MVP of the season

Lubomir Neshev 15-04-2018 | 12:11
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