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EUROHOLD BIBL to start on October 16

EUROHOLD BIBL to start on October 16
14-09-2012 | 14:36 |
The new, fifth in a row, season in EUROHOLD Balkan International Basketball League will start on October 16. On this day will be played the first two games of the regular season which will feature ten teams, including four new ones.
Both last season′s winner and finalist - Galil Gilboa and Levski respectively, are in group A in this year′s tournament. They are joined by KK Djuro Djakovic (Slavonski Brod, CRO), Mornar (Bar, MNE) and the newcomers KK Kumanovo (Kumanovo, MKD).  
Group B features three newcomers in Kavala (Kavala, GRE), Teodo (Tivat, MNE) and Kozuv (Gevgelija, MKD). Well known participant in the tournament who complete this group B are Rilski Sportist (Samokov, BUL) and OKK Beograd (Belgrade, SRB).
The first games will be played on October 16th and the program offers two matches. In group A KK Kumanovo will host KK Mornar while in group B OKK Beograd is waiting KK Kozuv at home. On the next day, October 17, there are another two games - Galil Gilboa plays at home against KK Djuro Djarovic in group A while Kavala will make its debut in the competition in front of the local fans hosting Rilski Sportist in group B. 
In this season of BIBL there will be two group phases and a Final Four. In the first group phase all the teams will play ten games each with the top three placed from each group advancing to the second group phase and forming one group with six teams.  
The six teams qualified for group C, will keep the results between them from the first stage and will play with the three teams from the other group home and away games. The top four in the standing will qualify for the Final Four which will take place between 19 and 21 of April, 2013. 
Teams placed 4th and 5th in the first stage will go to a new group and meet against each other while keeping the results from the first phase. They will play for money prize. 

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