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Mornar defeated Vllaznia by forfeit

Mornar defeated Vllaznia by forfeit
28-10-2014 | 21:33 |
KK Mornar defeated KS Vllaznia 20-0 by forfeit.
The reason for this result was that the technical equipment – neither the game clock nor the 24’’ device were functioning. After  more than 1 hour attempts to repair at least the 24’’ device, it was not possible. The Sports Director Mr. Shay Shtriks who happened to be in the hall was willing to give the possibility to the hosts from KS Vllaznia to replace the system with the old one but even it was not functioning.
Therefore, according to the FIBA Basketball Rules, when a replacement gym was not available, none of the technical devices worked, and they could not be repaired, the Commissioner of the game together with the Crew Chief took decision the game to finish by default for the away team with 0 (zero) points awarded for the losing team.
Mr. Shtriks would like hereby to apologize to the Albanian Basketball Federation and especially to the President Mr. Avni Ponari, to all the basketball fans in Shkoder, because everybody put a lot of efforts Albania to have its first representative in the League and this start to be in the best and most professional way, but in the end of the day, the organization of the court is a full responsibility of the home club. It is the first time in the 7-season-history of the Balkan League that game finishes by default due to not working technical equipment. 
The Balkan League strongly believes that when a club takes decision to compete in international competition, they have to take care that all their responsibilities will be fulfilled and not to put anybody in such an absurd situation.
Further decisions regarding this game will be taken later on after all the circumstances will be taken into consideration.

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