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System of competition for season 2016/2017

System of competition for season 2016/2017
15-09-2016 | 11:27 |

Season 2016/2017 in SIGAL-UNIQA Balkan League will consist of 12 teams. The competition will have Three Stages and then Semifinal and Final.


In the First Stage there will be two groups with six teams each which will play on home and away basis. The matches will begin on October 10th and will continue until January 25th 2017. A total of 60 games will be played in the First Stage and the top four teams from each group will qualify for the Second.


In the Second Stage the teams will be divided in two groups with four squads each. In group C we are going to have the 1st and 4th placed from group A and 2nd and 3rd place from group B. In group D will be the 1st and 4th place from group B and 2nd and 3rd from group A. The results from the First Stage will count so this means that each team will have a total of four games in the Second. The total number of matches in this stage will be 16 and will be played between January 31st 2017 and March 1st 2017.


The winnners from group C and D will qualify directly for the Semifinals. The second and third placed will play in the Third Stage or the quarterfinals as follows: C2 vs D3 and D2 vs C3 on home and away basis. The winners from those ties will go to the semifinals which again will be played on home and away basis. 


The winner of group C will play against the winner of the tie D2 vs C3 in the one of the semifinals while in the other we have the winner of group D against the winner of the tie C2 vs D3. 


The Semifinal winners will qualify for the Final which for third year in a row will be played in two games. The first will be on April 11th 2017 and the second on April 20th 2017.


Here are all the dates in season 2016/2017 of SIGAL-UNIQA Balkan League:


10.10.2016 - Opening Game  

11-12.10.2016 First Stage, Round 1  

18-19.10.2016 First Stage, Round 2

25-26.10.2016 First Stage, Round 3  

08-09.11.2016 First Stage, Round 4  

15-16.11.2016 First Stage, Round 5  

22-23.11.2016 First Stage, Round 6  

06-07.12.2016 First Stage, Round 7  

13-14.12.2016 First Stage, Round 8  

17-18.01.2017 First Stage, Round 9  

24-25.01.2017 First Stage, Round 10 


31.01-01.02.2017 Second Stage, Round 1

07-08.02.2017 Second Stage, Round 2

21-22.02.2017 Second Stage, Round 3

28.02-01.03.2017 Second Stage, Round 4


07-08.03.2017 Third Stage, Round 1

14-15.03.2017 Third Stage, Round 2


21-22.03.2017 Semifinals, Round 1

28-29.03.2017 Semifinals, Round 2


11.04.2017 Final, First game

20.04.2017 Final, Second game 

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