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Kozuv holds off strong Barsy challenge to win at the end

Kozuv holds off strong Barsy challenge to win at the end
04-03-2019 | 20:31 |

KK Kozuv recorded its third win of the season in the Balkan League. The Gevgelija team hosted BC Barsy and won an interesting game 83-76. The visitors led for 35 minutes but at the end it was the home side which had the better to hold off the challenge and come away with the victory. The players of Kozuv managed to score when it mattered the most while the visitors missed their chances. After that game the hosts now have 3-7 record and on Thursday will host Beroe. Barsy on the other side now stands at 1-9 and will travel to Prizren to meet Bashkimi which has the same record.


Barsy had a very good start and took an early 9-2 and 12-4 lead. The visitors then continued to have the advantage for the first quarter as it even reached 10 points. After ten minutes it was six and in the second quarter Kozuv finally managed to go up. However the biggest difference the hosts could take was just 1 point as the visitors answered every time. Moreover with a 9-0 run they went up by 8 points and they kept their lead until the break when it was 4.


Things didn′t change in the third quarter as Barsy was leading and the hosts were staying close. Still the visitors managed to control the score and even increased the lead to 9 points near the end of the period only to be up by 6 after 30 minutes. 


In the fourth quarter the home side tied the score but Barsy answered with the next four points. Then however Kozuv scored 5 in a row to take a single point lead and then the visitors missed few chance to re-take it. The home side took advantage and went up by 4 points but still Barsy had a shot to tie the game. Utegen however missed it and then the hosts sealed the win.


Devaugntah Williams was the top performer for the home side with 23 points and 6 rebounds. Igor Kesar was the next best scorer with 16 as Nikola Karakolev had 14 and 7 rebounds.


The visitors were led by Donte McGill who finished with 32 points and 11 rebounds for a double-double. Christopher McEachin added 15 points as Vladimir Ivanov had 12 and 11 rebounds.


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