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2011/2012 EUROHOLD Balkan League Quarterfinal Play-offs Round 1

KK Feni Industries

92 - 85

KK Mornar

Jasmin, Kavadarci
Jasmin, Kavadarci
28 Mar 12
 Ioannis Foufis  Miroslav Tomov  Vladimir Tsekov 
Commissioner:  Kamen Toshev 
Attendance: 1000

Team Aver. Team Leaders Head-to-Head Team Leaders Team Aver.
Pts. Pts. Pts.
% 2FG% % 2FG% % 2FG% %
% 3FG% % 3FG% % 3FG% %
Rebounds Rebounds Rebounds
Assist. Assist. Assist.

Stats Glossary
MPG Minutes played Tot Total rebounds ST Steals
M/A Made/Attempts AS Assists BS Blocked shots
O Offensive rebounds PF Personal fouls Pts Points
D Defensive rebounds TO Turnovers DNP Did Not Played
EFF ((PTS + REB + AS + ST + BS) - ((2PA - 2PM) + (3PA - 3PM) +(FTA - FTM) + TO))
13 Oct 2015
KB Bashkimi KB Bashkimi
KB Peja KB Peja

Sezair Surroi

Prizren | Sezair Surroi
13 Oct 2015
KB Bashkimi KB Bashkimi KB Peja KB Peja
Gevgelija | 26th April
14 Oct 2015
KK Kozuv KK Kozuv KK Teodo KK Teodo
Cetinje | Lovcen
14 Oct 2015
KK Lovcen Basket KK Lovcen Basket KK Sutjeska KK Sutjeska
Stara Zagora | Obshtinska
15 Oct 2015
BC Beroe BC Beroe KB Sigal Prishtina KB Sigal Prishtina
Sofia | Universiada
20 Oct 2015
BC Levski 2014 BC Levski 2014 KK Lovcen Basket KK Lovcen Basket
Bar | Topolica
20 Oct 2015
KK Mornar KK Mornar BC Beroe BC Beroe
All times are local time

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