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KK Feni IndustriesKK Feni Industries

The Club was taken under the leadership
of Feni Industries AD in 2005. In season 2005/2006 is participating in the Men
Second League.

In the season 2007/2008 KK Feni
Industries start to play in the first national league and succeed to win the
National Cup of RM and Championship of Macedonia.

Following season, 2008/2009 KK Feni
Industries was vice-champion of Macedonia and was playing in the final four in
Eurohold BIBL.

Season 2009/2010 was very successful. KK
Feni won the National Cup and become Champion of Macedonia. The same season succeeded
to reach the final four in Eurohold BIBL.

In season2010/2011 KK Feni was
participating in the “Fourth edition of
the International Championship of Sale” in Morocco and won the second place.
This season 2010/2011 KK Feni become Champion of Macedonia, organized  and won the Final Four in Eurohold BIBL league
for season 2010/2011 and brought the first international title to Kavadarci and

Also KK Feni is organizing in the past 4
year in Kavadarci Macedonia the international basketball tournament “Dimitar

13 Oct 2015
DigitAlb/Supersport, Sportmedia.tv
KB Bashkimi KB Bashkimi
KB Peja KB Peja

Sezair Surroi
 Ademir Zurapovic
 Ivan Milicevic
 Ervin Koci

 Stavri Bello 
Prizren | Sezair Surroi
13 Oct 2015 19.00
KB Bashkimi KB Bashkimi KB Peja KB Peja
DigitAlb/Supersport, Sportmedia.tv
Cetinje | Lovcen
14 Oct 2015 18.00
KK Lovcen Basket KK Lovcen Basket KK Teodo KK Teodo
Gevgelija | 26th April
14 Oct 2015 19.00
KK Kozuv KK Kozuv KK Mornar KK Mornar
Stara Zagora | Obshtinska
15 Oct 2015 18.00
BC Beroe BC Beroe KB Sigal Prishtina KB Sigal Prishtina
BNT, Sportmedia.TV
Sofia | Universiada
20 Oct 2015 18.00
BC Levski 2014 BC Levski 2014 KK Lovcen Basket KK Lovcen Basket
Tivat | S.C. Zupa
20 Oct 2015 18.00
KK Teodo KK Teodo KB Bashkimi KB Bashkimi
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